* Himeji City Museum of Art

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Himeji City Museum of Art, renowned for its impressive red-brick building, is located on a special historic site of scenic beauty, with an impressive view of Himeji Castle, a World Cultural Heritage and national treasure that, for its elegance, is often likened to a white heron. Since the Museumfs opening in 1983, it has concentrated on acquiring, exhibiting, investigating and researching a variety of artworks, while promoting art and enhancing culture in the region. The Museum holds a wide range of exhibitions in its three exhibition galleries: the Permanent Exhibition Gallery, the Special Exhibition Gallery and the Collection Gallery. The Museum also hosts various lectures, explanatory sessions, workshops and other events, to enhance public understanding of the arts. Through these continuing efforts, we at Himeji City Museum of Art seek to continue as a facility that is beloved and approachable by the public.

The Museumfs permanent collection spans a broad range of genres, including Japanese-style paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, sketches, block prints, sculptures and craftworks. In expanding its collection, the Museum focuses on excellent works by Miyokichi Marunage, Misao Iida and other artists associated with Himeji; artworks relating to local history and landscapes; works by Kansetsu Hashimoto, Ryohei Koiso and other Japanese modern artists, and works by foreign - mainly Belgian - modern artists, such as Delvaux and Magritte.


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