The astronomical noted place in Google Maps. (Present from Hoshinoko Yakata)

 In this page, I looked for noted place some about astronomy and the space development at "Google Maps". Please visit a world astronomical observatory in this page when weather is bad.

Optics telescope

It may be a slightly new viewpoint, because it does not need to watch domes generally from right above!

Astronomical observatory in Japan

Hoshinoko Yakata (Hyogo Pref.)
Our observatory (^^
National Astronomical Observatory Mitaka campus(NAO) (Tokyo)
It is a place playing a key role of the Japanese astronomy. (Link)
National Astronomical Observatory Okayama observatory(OAO) (Okayama Pref.)
Tokyo University Kiso observatory (Nagano Pref.)
There is the domestic greatest 105cm Schmidt telescope. (Link)  
Nishiharima astronomical observatory(NHAO) (Hyogo Pref.)
There is the domestic greatest 2m reflecting telescope. (Link)
Subaru telescope (Hawaii)
One of the maximum grade telescope in the world. (Link)
Gunma astronomical observatory (Gunma Pref.)
A reflecting telescope of diameter 1.5m is a certain public astronomical observatory. (Link)
Bisei astronomical observatory(BAO) and space guard center (Okayama Pref.)
1.01m reflecting telescope and asteroid survey telescope. (Link)

The overseas astronomical observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory(KPNO) (U.S.A.)
I see characteristic solar telescope.(Link)
Palomar Observatory (U.S.A.)
The dome of the Hale 5m reflecting telescope.(Link)
Lowell Observatory (U.S.A.)
The history is a certain astronomical observatory. (Link)
Apache Point Observatory (U.S.A.)
There is 2.5m telescope for whole sky inquiry (SDSS) in the central rectangular building. (Link)
Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (U.S.A.)
I put two telescopes of diameter 8.4m together and have performance equivalent to a telescope of diameter 12m. It is the unique telescope which two pieces of mirrors appear in to one footstool.(Link)
Hobby Eberly telescope (U.S.A.)
There is 9.2m reflecting telescope fixed highly. (Link)
Royal Observatory Greenwich (U.K.)
It is the astronomical observatory which became the longitude standard. (Link)
Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Canary Islands)
The astronomical observatories of each European country gather. (Link)
Special Astronomical Observatory (BAT) (Russia)
It seems that the center is the dome of the BTA 6m reflecting telescope.(Link)
Southern African Large Telescope(SALT) (South Africa)
There is 10.2m reflecting telescope fixed highly.(Link)
Mauna Kea Astronomical Observatory complex (Hawaii)
There are a lot of telescopes such as Keck 1 & 2 in the neighborhood of the Subaru telescope.
Very Large Telescope (Chile)
There are four 8m reflecting telescopes. (Link)
Haleakala Observatories (Hawaii)
There are the "MAGNUM telescope" of Tokyo University and the man-made satellite monitor system of the American air force. (Link)
Mt John University Observatory (New Zealand)
There is the 1.8m telescope which Nagoya University and a New Zealand university made with cooperation. (Link)

Radio telescope

It is a huge parabolic antenna to gather by a forthcoming dim electric wave from the space.
Because a parabolic antenna is just put outdoors, I think that even a Linkgraph is plain.

The radio telescope in Japan

Nobeyama Radio Observatory (Nagano Pref.)
It has 45m radio telescope, a radio telescope for interferometers of 10m around that the center is white. (Link)
NAO Mizusawa VLBI observatory (Iwate Pref.)
It is 20m radio telescope for VERA systems (Link)
NAO Iriki station (Kagoshima Pref.)
It is the 20m radio telescope of the VERA system. (Link)
NAO Ogasawara station (Tokyo)
It is the 20m radio telescope of the VERA system. (Link)
NAO Ishigaki-jima station (Okinawa Pref.)
It is the 20m radio telescope of the VERA system(may be...) (Link)
Kashima Space Research Center (Ibaragi Pref.)
It is the 34m parabolic antenna of the communication corpus vile with the satellite. (Link)
Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (Ibaragi Pref.)
It is 32m parabolic antenna to examine movement of the ground through astronomical observation.(Link)
Yamaguchi University Radio Observation Center (Yamaguchi Pref.)
I remodeled the 32m parabolic antenna used for former satellite communications into the radio telescope. (Link)
Nobeyama Radioheliograph (Nagano Pref.)
84 parabolic antennas form a line to observe solar noise. (Link)
Nagoya University UHF Radio Telescope (Nagano Pref.)
It is a special radio telescope to observe solar wind. (Link)
WASEDA Radio Astrophysical Observatory (Tokyo)
It is the interferometer which displayed 64 parabolic antennas in the roof of the school. (Link)
Waseda University Nasu Pulsar Observatory (Tochigi Pref.)
There are eight parabolic antennas of 20m and an antenna of 30m. (Link)

The overseas radio telescope(An independent parabolic antenna)

Arecibo Observatory (Puerto Rico)
In the world's greatest 300m radio telescope, it is fixed upward. (Link)
Radio Telescope Effelsberg (Germany)
A central white thing is the 100m radio telescope is one of the largest fully steerable radio telescopes on earth. (Link)
Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (U.S.A.)
In this place, a central white thing is the 100m radio telescope is one of the largest fully steerable radio telescopes on earth too. (Link)
Haystack Radio Telescope (U.S.A.)
It is the 37m radio telescope which was in the dome, but it is the state that it is unusual still under construction in Google Maps. (Link)
Pisgah Astronomical Resarch Institute (U.S.A.)
Two radio telescopes of 26m form a line.(Link)
Parks Observatory (Australia)
It is the Southern Hemisphere's greatest 64m radio telescope.(Link)
Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) (Mexico)
To be for the observation of the electric wave which a wavelength has a short is the world's greatest 50m radio telescope, but is still under construction in Google Maps? (Link)
30-meter telescope on Pico Veleta (Spain)
It is 30m radio telescope in Spanish mountains. (Link)
Lowell Telescope (U.K.)
It is a radio telescope of diameter 76m. I see this like a radio telescope most.(Link)
Algonquin Radio Observatory (Canada)
It is the greatest 46m radio telescope in Canada, but the resolution of the photograph is bad.(Link)
Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment(ASTE) (Chile)
It is the radio telescope which Japan built in Chile for observe a short electric wave of the wavelengths. (Link)
This radio telescope observe a short electric wave of the wavelengths.(Link)
Miyun Radio Observatory (China)
It is 50m radio telescope. There is the interferometer that radio telescopes formed a line along a lower road. (Link)
Yunnan Radio Observatory (China)
It is 40m radio telescope. I see the dome of the telescope around, too. (Link)
Urumqi Radio Observatory (China)
It is 25m radio telescope. (Link)

The overseas radio telescope(Radio Interferometer)

I display a lot of parabolic antennas and aim at an effect same as a big radio telescope.

ALMA (planned site) (Chile)
It is a place building 80 radio telescope (ALMA) by Japan, North America and Europe combination. (ALMA)
Very Large Array(VLA) (U.S.A.)
It is an interferometer it sorts 27 radio telescopes on three rails, and to observe(The whole is wider)(Link)
Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy(CARMA)(U.S.A.)
It is the interferometer which it collects radio telescopes used in American each place, and was made.(Link)
Owens Valley Radio Observatory(OVRO) (U.S.A.)
It is the interferometer which it held mainly on 40m radio telescope.(Link)
Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope(GMRT) (India)
It is the greatest in the world in the interferometer observing a long electric wave of the wavelength(The whole is wider) (Link)
Allen Telescope Array(ATA) (U.S.A.)
It is electric wave observation and an interferometer for life inquiries out of earth that 350 parabolic antennas form a line at the time of the completion.(Link)
Australian Compact Array(ATCA) (Australia)
It is the Southern Hemisphere's greatest interferometer(Link)
Submillimeter Array(SMA) (Hawaii)
A shadow looks like the form of the parabolic antenna in a certain interferometer next to Subaru telescope. (Link)
NRAO Very Long Baseline Array(VLBA) (U.S.A.)
I put ten 25m radio telescopes together and observe it as one big radio telescope. (Link)
Mauna Kea station
Owen valley station
Blue star station
North liberty station
Hancock station
Kitt Peak station
Pie town station
Fort Davis station
Loss Alamo station
Saint Croix station

The overseas radio telescope(A thing of the strange form)

RATAN-600 (Russia)
A thing looking like a clock is a special radio telescope of a diameter of 600m. (Link)
Ooty Radio Telescope(ORT) (India)
It is a special radio telescope of north and south 530m. (Link)

Other telescopes

CANGAROO Telescope (Australia)
It is a special telescope to observe forthcoming gamma ray from the space. (Link)
Kyoto University MU radar(Kyoto Pref.)
It is a device to examine the atmosphere of the sky, but it is used for the observation of the meteor. (Link)

Rocket launch pad

Rocket launch pad in Japan

Uchinoura Space Center (Kagoshima Pref./JAXA)
A rocket for observation was for exclusive use, but launching of various space probes was ever performed now. There is the parabolic antenna, too.(Link)
Tanegashima Space Center (Kagoshima Pref./JAXA)
I do launching of large-scale rocket H-IIA and H-IIB.(Link)

Overseas rocket launch pad

Kennedy Space Center (U.S.A./NASA)
It is used for space shuttle and launching of various rockets.
Vandenberg Air Force Base (U.S.A./NASA,USAF)
It was used for rocket launching for the armed forces before.
Guiana Space Center (Guyana/ESA)
Europe shares it, and it is used for launching of the Ariane rocket.
Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan/CIS)
A lot of rockets are launched from the times of the former Soviet Union. I see a lot of launching ground when I spread.
Presseck Space Center(Russia/CIS)
This place is a certain rocket launching place from old days, too.
Kapustin Yar Space Center(Russia)
Launching of the military satellite and the experiment of the rocket seem to have been performed.
Svobodny Space Center(Russia)
Launching of the military satellite and the experiment of the rocket seem to have been performed.
Naro Space Center(Korea)
It is Korean satellite launch pad.
Jiuquan Space Center,No2(China)
It is launch pad that launching of the manned spacecraft "Shenzhou" was performed.
Xichang Space Center(China)
It is launch pad used for launching of the Chinese stationary satellite.
Taiyuan Space Center(China)
It is used for launching of Chinese various satellites.
Woo Mera(Australia)
Experiments of JAXA are performed. It is the place where an asteroid space probe "Hayabusa" returned.
Satish Dhawan Space Center(India)
It is launch pad of the Indian space research organization.

The rocket-related institution

A parabolic antenna similar to a radio telescope is used for communication with the space probe.

JAXA Usuda Deep Space Center(Nagano Pref.)
It is the 64m parabolic antenna of the biggest in Japan to communicate with the space probe which Japan launched. To be this photo seems to be sideways-facing, and I see the shadow of the oval.(Link)
JAXA Katsuura Tracking and Communication Station (Chiba Pref.)
There is a parabolic antenna to communicate with the space probe. (Link)
JAXA Okinawa Tracking and Communication Station (Okinawa Pref.)
There is a parabolic antenna to communicate with the space probe. (Link)
DSN Gold Stone Complex No.1 No.2 (U.S.A.)
There is a base in Spain and Australia to have regular communication with a space probe in the solar system which NASA made and a parabolic antenna to communicate. (Link)
DSN Madrid Complex(Spain)
DSN Canberra Complex(Australia)
ESA New Norcia Station(Australia)
It is a parabolic antenna to communicate with the space probe of the ESA.(Link)
R-400 & AUD-1000(Ukraine)
It is an authority of Russian space probe trust antenna. As for R-400, as for 32m parabolic antenna, AUD-1000, eight 16m parabolic antennas are united.(R-400's PhotoAUD-1000's Photo)

Spaceship and a Rockets

Of course I cannot watch launching, but there is it when I see a thing exhibited outdoors.

Buran (Russia)
It is the spaceship which resembled the space shuttle of the former Soviet Union.
SL-6? (Russia)
It is a rocket exhibited in the town of Baikonur.
A-7 (Russia)
It is a rocket of the same type that it launched Sputnik exhibited in all the Russia exhibition center.
The first stage of Saturn V (U.S.A.)
It is the first step of Apollo 20 use that was not launched in the parking lot of the factory of Lockheed Corp.
Saturn V (U.S.A.)
It was exhibited by Johnson space center of Houston, but a roof has arrived... (Photo recording)
Rockets 1 (U.S.A.)
In the garden of the space rocket center of the State of Alabama, it is exhibited from a Saturn rocket rocket to a space shuttle.
Rockets 2 (U.S.A.)
A rocket is exhibited in the garden of the museum of the American air force in Kennedy Space Center.
H-II rocket (Japan)
There is it in the Tanegashima Space Center.
H-II rocket (Japan)
This one is a thing of the Tsukuba Space Center. It is exhibited in the neighboring Tsukuba expo center.
M-V rocket (Japan)
There is it in the JAXA Sagamihara Campus. By a rocket used for space probe, I see the buttocks of the late M-3SII rocket.
M-V rocket (Japan)
There is it in the Uchinoura Space Center. A red steel tower of the top right corner was used as a launching pad.
Lambda 4S rocket (Japan)
There is it in the National Museum of Nature and Science. It can possess a launching pad.
H-I rocket (Japan)
There is it in the Miyazaki science and technology museum.

Meteor crater

Because I do not understand that I do not right look from the top, this thinks that I am happy.(reference:"Earth which I watched from the space", Earth Impact Database)


  • Stonehenge(The U.K.)
     It is said to have observed Hiji / sunset with the thing which made a big stone in a circle.
  • Jean Tal man Tal(India)
     At an astronomical observatory made in the 18th century, there are big sundials.
  • Beijing (Old) astronomical observatory(China)
     It is an astronomical observatory made from the 15th century.